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Wednesday, July 04, 2012



Pastor Daniel Kolawole Olukoya is the founder and General Overseer of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries (Worldwide), and The Battle Cry Christian Ministries, (Worldwide). As a researcher, he has over 70 scientific publications to his credit. Anointed by God, Dr. Olukoya is a prophet, evangelist, teacher and preacher of the Word. His life and that of his wife, Pastor Shade, and their son, Elijah Toluwani, are living proofs that all power belongs to God. His life, zeal, commitment and passion to the heavenly vision in particular his quest to see that human beings are delivered from the shackles of the enemy made him outstanding among his pearls. Meet Dr. D.K Olukoya in this brief study about his life and mission.

1.             THE MAN DAN.KOLA OLUKOYA                : Ex 23:25When Dr. Kolawole Daniel Olukoya was born some forty­ five years ago, little did his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Olukoya, know that they had taken delivery of an exceptional child ordained by God to fulfill a destiny that would in turn, positively affect the destiny of others. Dr. Olukoya laid down an academic blueprint whose pedigree remains outstanding. At Saint John's CAC Primary School, Akure in Ondo State, and Saint Jude's primary School, Ebute Metta, Lagos where he completed his primary education. Rather than occupy himself with exuberance that was a common feature among the youths, he developed a passion for God. Dr. Daniel Olukoya's academic profile took a leap while at Methodist Boys' High School Lagos, where he graduated with Grade One Distinction & was the best student in his set. He took his academic exploits to the prestigious University of Lagos and, as would be expected, the genius in him proved that all earlier outstanding academic results were no fluke, as he graduated with a first class honours degree. In fact it was the first from the department since the university was established in 1962.
Dr. Olukoya's thirst for more academic laurels found expression at the University of Reading, UK, where, with a Commonwealth scholarship, he studied for a PhD in Molecular Genet­ics, which was completed in record time, making him probably the first Nigerian to obtain a Ph.D. in this subject area. With such an intimidating academic resume! it was only natural that opportunities would beckon. But not even the pressure to stay back in England could sway him from returning to Nigeria. His first port of call on arrival was the Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (NIMR), Yaba. He was a lecturer as well as external examiner to a number of Nigerian universities, among them the University of Lagos and university of Benin. Dr. Olukoya is on record as having been the first scientist to establish an indigenous Molecular Biology and Biotechnology laboratory in Nigeria. One important contribution by Dr. Olukoya to biotechnology and health care delivery is the creation of a new type of Pap (Ogi), named Dogik, a weaning food that has improved nutritional qualities that can control diarrhea. The laboratory also ranks among the first to done genes in Nigeria. Dr. Olukoya has supervised over 20 Ph.D. students, most of who are doing well in their chosen fields. 

2.         THE MINISTRY OF DR.D.K. OLUKOYA: , Jos 24:14In his days at NIMR, Dr. Olukoya de­votes much of his time to God through preaching, delivering papers at seminars, singing etc.  MFM was founded in July 1989 at the sitting room of Dr. D. K. Olukoya with 25 people at the first service. The Church later moved to No. 60, Old Yaba Road, Alagomeji, and finally to the present Headquarters site on 24th April 1994. Presently, there is an on-going construction of a 500,000 capacity Ultra Modern Deliverance Conference Prayer Stadium- the largest edifice in the world. MFM has thousands of branches spread across Nigeria, Africa & Asia. A huge percentage of branches are also located in the United States and Europe. The Ministry is noted for its unique, powerful prayers that are fast redefining the major strategic input that puts the devil and his cohorts in the most bemused of confusion. MFM headquarters is the largest single congregation in Africa, with attendance of over 200,000 in single meetings. In addition to his over 80 scientific publications, he has written more than double that number of spiritual books, 150 of them, most of which are bestsellers. Most of the books were written in English, Yoruba & French languages. Dr. Olukoya has 70 Christian songs that he has composed.
CONCLUSION: The life of this man of God should put spiritual pressure on you. What exploits can be traced to you? Is there any outstanding service to God & humankind of eternal value to your credit?


  1. Wow!When I started connecting to the revelation,works,teachings,and unction upon Dr. DK Olukoya my ministry just leaped to another level.
    Pst David Eric Aoll
    Neno Evangelism Center

  2. If this is a spiritual profile, then I expected more on his spiritual journey. How he became born again, which ministries shaped him and experiences he had with God. There is so much on his academics and almost nothing about his present life calling. Thanks for the effort though. We readers will appreciate if we can learn about this man of God.

    1. For your own information, dr olukoya was born and brougth up by a pastor who hapens to be his biological father while he also was a pastor in CAC for uears b4 he had d vision of MFM

  3. It will be nice to know his Spiritual origin and the history of the MFM and its vision

  4. I bought prayer rain book about two years ago, i read a few chapters then put it down, so I decided to take it out saw his name type it in listen a few of his sermons, and pray the prayers along its the best two days in along time I ever have my place feel light I feel light, God is wow all the time.he is a very anointed man of God

  5. there is no church like that church when it comes to prayer warfare my prayer for him is that he will make heaven at last i love him and i love his ministry

  6. Power must change hands in our lives

  7. Pst olukoya is a person of great impact who has thus far by the of God no ordinary man can achieve this without being quenched on the road and i pray for him that God will uphold him till eternity he will not stumble,fall,weary in jesus name, sometime after reading his book i wonder what type of person is this, man of God you are wonderful,exception i pray that God also will bestow this same grace upon my life in jesus name.

  8. Blessing Olajumoke25 July 2013 10:42

    Wow! Dr D.K Olukoya is an extra-ordinary man, d best role model and a blessing 2 his generation. His wife is d most beautiful woman l've ever known, she's also d best role model, she's one in a trillion! l love her so much and l wish l av a way of getting close 2 her coz l love her dearly.

  9. oluwabunmi jimoh20 August 2013 11:55

    wow!!! Dr. D.K Olukoya is a wonderful man of God, I pray God would continue to strengthen him in the work of the kingdom.

  10. I love my daddy in the lord cos God has used mfm to save my family

  11. I love my Daddy in the Lord. We all in America benefit from what God is using him to do in MFM and worldwide. I try not to miss his message by 11:00PM Eastern Time. I have been going to MFM since 2003, and I keep saying that, if I leave MFM for another church, it will be MFM again. I love my church and our doctrines. Am not perfect in practicing them, I pray God help me to be a better Christian. God bless MFM, the G.O and the entire Christian family. From Maryam

  12. I deeply apprct our G.O. However, d world has stealthily crept into MFM, which is quite sad. Football is a demonic game of d world; my dad-in-d-Lord, pls do all u can to stop it completely in MFM. Also daddy, pls tell our pastors & ministers to preach more heaven-bound messages, bcos deliverance, healing, blessings, & breakthru's, good as they are, are not passports to heaven, but rather holiness & righteousness. Sir, pls get a copy of Evang.Funmi Adebayo's Kaduna Crusade of 2013 & prayerfully listen to it. I'm sure you'll be blessed. May God cntnu to bless & prosper His works in ur hand sir, & may we all inherit eternity with Christ, in Jesus' mty nm.

  13. I have been preaching with my husband in uk and austria, now in usa but his atrue man of GOD Igot his tape of two hrs teaching and prayers his agift from heaven, his wondefull and I dont cry any more for my spirual father who went to heaven and my daddy who were very young and Istayed out of uganda trying to finish there vision, now am on hot fire becous of dr Daniel olukoya .we love him and pray GOD to give him long, long life for the body of christ. from janet and stanlye

  14. I have just got connected to the messages of the Man of God and i must be honest no one has inform me in such dimension about the issues that i face as a black woman, and for the first time in my life i believe i can pray my way with the teaching of the man of God to recover my destiny from the dung hill of the enemy. May the Lord guide him and his family!

  15. NUESIRI EMOJEVWE PRESTON29 June 2014 16:02

    The ministry of this unique man of God has made a difference in my life. may the almighty God continue to preserve and bless him in Jesus name